The Ashley Clinic


Ashley Pollard, ARNP

Ashley is a Nurse Practitioner with a master’s degree in nursing and is dual certified in family and acute care nursing.  She is founder of The Ashley Clinic and has 28 years medical experience working primarily in the emergency room.  She is an active member of the Florida Association of Nurse Practitioners, the American Academy of Emergency Nurse Practitioners, and the international nursing honor society, Sigma Theta Tau. Ashley incorporates traditional and modern healthcare practices in her clinic.

We Are Building a New Way of Staying Healthy

Several factors provided the inspiration for the creation of the Ashley Clinic.  Primarily, corporate medicine changed the focus from the patient centered care model to a business management platform. The healthcare industry now focuses on time and money management, resulting in inflated healthcare costs.  Many patients are discouraged with the current overpriced system, causing them to seek treatment later in their disease process, oftentimes worsening their outcomes. In the interest of patient centered care, health, and well being, Ashley wanted to provide a more affordable platform to the people in the community she grew up in. Utilizing her advanced education and skills, Ashley provides exceptional healthcare at an affordable cost. Additionally, Ashley uses alternative approaches to health maintenance by offering integrative medicine practices as well.

Take Charge Of Your Healthcare Today

Ashley Pollard Nurse Practitioner